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Dr. Mohannad Alshalabi is a highly qualified OB/GYN physician who leads the staff at Shelby Women Health in Greenbelt, Maryland. Dr. Alshalabi is committed to providing comprehensive gynecological care to his patients ensuring you have a healthy pregnancy from the planning stages through birth. Contact the office today to schedule your appointment and begin your parenting adventure.

Pregnancy Q & A

When should I see my doctor about pregnancy?

Ideally, your first visit with Dr. Alshalabi should take place when you’re planning a pregnancy. A physical examination, careful review of your medical history, and routine labs reveal important health information that may impact your future pregnancy. He also performs a thorough review of both yours and your partner’s family history to help determine whether certain conditions may require genetic testing.

A pre-pregnancy visit also gives Dr. Alshalabi the opportunity to make recommendations regarding a nutritious diet, exercise, supplement use, along with many other issues that pertain to helping ensure a healthy pregnancy and delivery of a healthy baby.

What is prenatal care?

Prenatal care is medical care during pregnancy and prior to delivery. It is vital and allows Dr. Alshalabi to track your health as well as your baby’s wellbeing during the months leading up to delivery. Initial visits often involve routine labs, including urine testing, an exam, and careful monitoring for any concerning issues, such as increased blood pressure or blood sugar levels.

How often will I have to see the doctor during pregnancy?

You can expect monthly visits initially that become more frequent as your pregnancy continues, as often as once a week by the time your delivery date draws near. Dr. Alshalabi prescribes at least one ultrasound during your pregnancy to monitor your baby’s growth and development. Along with monitoring your health, routine prenatal visits typically include a physical exam that measures the heartbeat, size, and other physical factors regarding your baby.

Dr. Alshalabi also works closely with his staff to provide an atmosphere that encourages you to discuss your feelings about what’s happening with your body, relationships, and emotions as you progress in your pregnancy. He’ll also take the time to carefully discuss expectations for labor and the delivery method, which may include vaginal birth or a caesarean section.

What is a high-risk pregnancy?

While most pregnancies develop normally and end successfully, some women have pre-existing conditions that put them and their baby at risk for complications. Dr. Alshalabi’s expertise includes successfully managing high-risk pregnancies that may evolve due to:

  • Maternal health conditions such as high blood pressure or diabetes
  • Being overweight or obese, which increases your risk of developing high blood pressure, diabetes, and other serious medical conditions during pregnancy
  • Carrying more than one baby (multiple births)
  • Complications involving increased or decreased maternal age, women aged 35 and older, and teens